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  Olive Blossom data and analytics consulting has shutdown. This site is now dedicated to independent game development. We love being a part of the gaming community and look forward to continuing to build relationships with likeminded developers worldwide. Our team possesses an eclectic mix of graphics and software development strengths uniquely suited to fuel the creative process. Our mission is not a lucrative one; it is simply to love what we do. --mike  
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Dr. Lobster Dr. Lobster - retired
Dr. Lobster

You are a lobster. You’ve made it through eight years of lobster medical school and now you’re ready to live your dream. You’re ready to save lives! And with the recent outbreak of pinkie-pox you’re going to get your chance.

Your patient looks healthy, but that won’t last. He has pinkie-pox!

Create circular tracks to guide yourself through your patient and crush the pox. Be quick.. pinkie-pox need to be crushed before they blink out and explode infecting your patient.

Doctor Lobster is a simple and addictive game. We hope you enjoy it.

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HP Fromage HodePodge Fromage - retired
HP Screen You are a mouse named HodgePodge Fromage, and you are starving. It's a dream come true when you find yourself in a ring surrounded by what you love most - CHEESE! The bad news is that as hungry as you are, the cheese is just far too big for a tiny little mouse to eat. Even worse, if it hits you, it will hurt you!

Don't give up, the cheese can be broken into mouse-sized pieces. To do this, drop diamonds in the path of the ricochetting cheese. Drop diamonds? Yes, you possess a rare medical condition that gives you the unique ability to expel green, cheese-crushing diamonds. When the cheese hits a diamond it splits into smaller and smaller pieces. As it does, it will give off mouse-sized cheese bits. CATCH THEM! They will feed you and replenish your ability to make more diamonds.

You should know that your diamonds are chemically unstable. For crying out loud, they're green. Dropped diamonds only last a few seconds before they disappear, so timing and placement is everything.

Avoid the large cheese chunks as you continue to break them apart, catch the mouse-sized cheese bits and STAY ALIVE!!!

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Dr. Lobster gravityEgg
Dr. Lobster Screen Command a satellite to set its orbit and save the world.



Dr. Lobster Bunny Swarm
Dr. Lobster Screen BUNNIES ATTACK!!!



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